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Interior Furnishing & Decorating

We start off with a consultation to determine the style direction and your overall preferences. I work with you to understand your unique needs, who the space is for and exactly what we’re working with.

You’ll be presented with 2 concepts for your room to choose from.
We’ll discuss which one you prefer, and be able to make any further changes at this stage.

The final steps of confirming all of your selections involves the final design, floorplan for space planning, a moodboard for you to visualise the room, as well as a detailed shopping list.

You may be able to take advantage of my trade supplier discounts with your shopping.

The final part is a your very own implementation guide, so that you’ll know how to bring all of the pieces together, including where and how to hang artwork, and styling suggestions.

Need extra assistance?

I can provide additional services including custom joinery designs, on-site styling, and am able to assist post-implementation.

Jardan Andy Sofa Interior Design Melbourne